Saturday, March 7, 2015

CKC March kit (& a photo bomber!)

When I first saw the APOCD kit on the CKC blog I got a bit confused and thought I was in the wrong place as I follow both of these sites and lurve the kits at APOCD :D
I almost always miss the kits I want to buy too as they sell out so quickly so what better than to make my own.
Then I came across these leftovers from a long ago kit and decided they would be a good start...
followed by a started and never finished background that I thought I might try to resurrect...
Add a few extra papers, some cuts outs for the ephemera & thats when the photo bomber struck!
And here it is. Some gelatos, cork, sequins & a couple of extra papers for good measure & I am ready to tackle the first challenge :) I am planning quite a few forgeries this month from making my own cork tags & woodgrain frames to using my white pen on the black card for the little sketched type tags on the paper towards the bottom right of the kit. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend & thanks for popping by..Jx


  1. Your kit looks great - especially the shot with Little Miss Vanna!!

  2. Fantastic kit :) Super cute photo bomber too, a future CKC lady :)

    1. She absolutely is Tina. I already have to share a desk with her & she get cross if I leave stuff on "her side" :D

  3. fabulous kit and that photo bomber made me giggle!

  4. love it, I think you should scrap that photo!

  5. I had the same thought as Vikki. Cute kit. Cute Kid.

  6. That really would be a great photo to scrap! Good kit that really has the same vibe as the original.

  7. Great kit. I love that you stayed true to the colors in the kit. I love the picture of your cute little girl too. ;)